Wedding ceremony and Reception
You are very welcome to join the wedding ceremony at 3 pm and the following reception on the premises of Lenzburg castle.  When the weather is fine the ceremony is being held outdoors, otherwise in the "Rittersaal" (follow the signs).

If you are a vegetarian or allergic to a particular food, please let us know, so we can consider it in our preparation.

For our guests from abroad and those who intend to drink a few glasses of wine, there is a hotel nearby. It is also the caterer for our reception and dinner: Hotel Krone. They offer single and double rooms for a reasonable price. Please make sure you have got your room reserved in advance or contact us, we will book a room for you.


Of course you don’t have to bring any presents, we just love to have you around. As you know our household is already very well equipped.
However, if you like to surprise us with something, here is a hint: we plan to spend our honeymoon in Australia. There is plenty that would contribute to make this an unforgettable trip: frequent flyer miles, hotel vouchers, dinners, trips to the outback or the rain forest, etc.
In the meantime we opened a PostFinance Account with the following number: 92-326774-3 where you can arrange a wire transfer. Also we prepared an Online Wish List to give you a better idea about our plans: to the Wish List

Wedding cards "Gerber Hochzeitsgala"
Many of you congratulated us to our idea about the wedding invitation. Of course we are pleased and it compensates us for hours and hours agonizing, cutting, folding, gluing and assembling. We would like to give you an insight about the development of this idea:

The first thing almost every couple does who wants to send out wedding invitations is stepping into a handicrafts shop and browsing through dozens and dozens of standard cards. We quickly knew: we have to create our own cards. But how could we do that??

One night we were invited at one of Tamara’s school friends and were joking about Tamara would assume Christian’s family name, Gerber. Gerber happens to be a brand for various cheese products in Switzerland. The most popular is a pre-made fondue mix. But where would there be a connection to our wedding? But stop, they also carry a half-moon shaped cream cheese range called Gerber GALA. A gala is a huge party, right? So why don’t we call it Gerber Wedding GALA? That’s how the idea was born.

An e-mail and a phone call with the product manager in charge we were thrilled to hear that Emmi, the company who produces this cheese, agreed to send us a considerable amount of empty cheese packaging. As we were not sure whether the cheese would make it in proper condition to your home we decided to replace it by Swiss chocolate.

So for the whole Easter weekend as well as the following weekend we were busy preparing the small boxes you got!


Very creative registrations
Our idea with the Gerber Gala Cheese packages inspired some of you to create great enrollments:

Bea & Dani Taubert glued white capital letters saying „registration” onto a original Gerber Gala Cheese package and filled the box with rice and the enrollment stub

Silvia Klinger und Rene Baer used his family name and the according cheese brand, which they glued onto a gift box of Celebrations chocolates.

And Roman Gysin made a hint to Tamara’s former and current employers who are both in the coffee business, and he sent a pound of Eduscho GALA coffee.

Walter Giger choose an other cheese and changed “Caprice des Dieux - un amour de fromage“ into „Caprice a Deux“. In addition he equipped that product with a very long lasting expiration date: until 2054.